Sponsoring DebConf

DebConf is the annual developers’ conference of the Debian Project, one of the largest Free Software projects worldwide. Debian is non-commercial and vendor-independent. DebConf allows developers from all over the world, who all volunteer their time, to gather once a year and concentrate on the development and improvement of the Debian distribution.

Enabling the core annual Debian event

We are proud of our continuing tradition as an entirely volunteer-run conference. It is thanks to our sponsors’ generous support that we have been able to reach people from all corners of the world. Every year the conference is hosted in a different city, reaching new contributors and strengthening local Free Software / Open Source communities. Having sufficient funding is critical to achieving this every year. DebConf is free of charge to attend. Thus, DebConf depends on our sponsors.

Benefits of sponsoring DebConf

Sponsoring a large conference is a good method of presenting your brand positively to the attendees, enabling you to build up your company's image. A meaningful relationship can be created, providing you with opportunities not only for advertising, but for building contacts and even recruiting, as proven by previous DebConfs.

Every year we offer different levels of sponsorship for you to select a level which fits your budget and matches your desired level of visibility in our community and in the media. Our higher levels of sponsorship include the possibility of advertising your job openings, and other means of engaging with our broad spectrum of participants, both local and international.

Promote diversity

As in recent years, we will continue to reach out to groups who would otherwise be less likely to attend our conference, in an effort to increase diversity among our attendees. We have travel and accommodation bursaries earmarked for diversity, as we find this benefits both the conference and the Debian project as a whole.

Contact us

Every year we publish a fundraising brochure and flyer that we are very happy to send to you on request. This material gives an overview of the sponsorship opportunities and background information on the next DebConf.

If you consider sponsoring DebConf, please contact us at: sponsors@debconf.org.